We at Ganna Devane & Associates find truth, transparency, and quality of work to be our biggest factors in doing great business. We are honest in character, have great pricing, and hold high standards in regards to our company reputation and name! We are by no means comparable to other firms in our market. Other firms usually seem to prey on the pockets of other individuals seeking help to get ahead in the 21st century. We are different! Our goal is to provide that help at a reasonably affordable rate, and also provide quality work that performs and is exclusively optimized to achieve success. We are very much “down-to-earth” people who understand the diversity in every business aspect within the broad range of demographics in a population. We will do everything to make you feel comfortable and in control. At Ganna Devane & Associates, we see to it that you achieve your dreams of business exactly the way you in-vision it!

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250 Myrtle Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut 6604